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Security Awareness

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CIMAT Seminar

Critical Incident Management & Awareness Training (CIMAT) seminars

Our CIMAT Seminar contains three elements to support awareness in the event of a terrorist attack and should that attack escalate into a hostage situation this is also covered.

  • Security Awareness (foundational element)
  • Terrorist Attack
  • Hostage Awareness

The foundational element of our seminar, Security Awareness, is vital to our whole CIMAT program as it provides the attendees with a better perspective on how they can protect their organisation, themselves and their families.

Surprise is one of the main factors of any successful attack which is, in most cases, preceded by some form of surveillance and planning. One of the main factors in mitigating surprise is awareness and being cognisant of one’s surroundings and changing events.

We are all continually aware of the number of growing incidence of terrorist attacks throughout the world and in particular, those that have occurred on our own soil. The terrorists’ methods of attacks are flexible and they have an array of such to use, example:

  • Active Shooter
  • Knife attacks
  • IED (Improvised Explosive Device) – planted
  • PBIEB (Person Borne Improvised Explosive Device) Suicide
  • VBIED (Vehicle Borne Improvised Expolsive Device)
  • VAAW (Vehicle As Attack Weapon) Pedestrian Road Ramming
  • Chemical attack
  • Combination of any or all the above

Our full seminar is delivered over 3 hours and attendees are given a link to our Learner Management System (LMS), where they can quickly review each element of the seminar and answer a short quiz at the end of each. Employers will be provided with learner retention reports from the LMS, which makes our seminar measurable for its effectiveness and can be added to an organisation’s employee development program. We believe that this really adds value to our clients.

Please feel free to download our CIMAT Seminar Intro slides (in PDF format)

Security Awareness Element


Office Safety
Event Safety
Travel Preparation
Airport Safety
Ground Transportation
Hotel Safety
What Are The Risks?


Personal Security – Common Sense
The Value of a “Low Profile” Attitude
Attacks Random, Victims are not
A Hard Target is an Unlikely Target
Avoid Routines

Terrorist Awareness Element


Where can this happen?
Mitigate through thinking
Who are the terrorists?
Types of terror attacks
What to do when it happens
What happens during Police/Military Response
Plans, make them, get to know them
Traumatic Casualty Treatment


Always being cognisant is always being ready
What to do when it happens (Run – Hide – Tell)

What to expect during Police/Military actions
Know your capabilities Post Incident Trauma

Hostage Awareness Element


Types of hostage situations
Options during/prior to hostage/kidnap event

Hostage behaviour
During a Rescue
After a Rescue


Understanding of hostage types
You make the decisions
How to be a hostage
Your attitude is key
How will you feel
What to do/not do during a rescue
What happens after a rescue
Personal mitigation