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Critical Incident Management & Awareness Training


Welcome to the CIMAT Home Page. Would you or your employer know what to do during a terror attack? Have you had training at work? Is there a plan? It’s time to think about Critical Incident Management & Awareness Training “CIMAT”

Are you worried that you or someone in your family might become the victim of a terrorist attack? This could be at work, while shopping, travelling, in a bar/restaurant, at school/college. Soft targets ARE the targets as seen in the news in recent times.

Would you know how to deal with a critical injury? Life could ebb away in three minutes due to catastrophic bleeding. This needs much more than a bandage!

You or your company may not be at risk, that said, what about your neighbours? Are you at risk because of your close proximity?

Have you even considered that due to your personal and incidental use of these soft targets you are at risk?  – Time to Consider CIMAT Training!

We have launched our new training products “CIMAT Seminar” and “CIMAT ERT”. We have delivered our CIMAT Seminars to individuals and corporate clients. We have also delivered our CIMAT ERT training to one of Britain’s largest police force training team. It’s quite plain to see that soft targets are and always will be the 1st choice of a terrorist. We only need to reflect on recent news events to realise this.

Soft targets are all around us and we use them daily. These could be coffee bars, hotels, transport hubs, office buildings, the list goes on.

About CIMAT Group Ltd
CIMAT Group Ltd is a joint venture between Crisilience Ltd & Mett Training Ltd

CIMAT is our Critical Incident Management and Awareness Training Program

CIMAT Seminars and training courses address issues of security awareness (foundational element of the seminar), what to do in the event of a terrorist attack, hostage awareness. We also deliver the best Catastrophic Injury course, which is specifically geared to train an organisation’s Emergency Response Teams (ERT)